Striving for perfection and new revelations is like an eternal driving force that encourages creating new, better, more comfortable and functionally useful things. These can even be just small details that add pleasant ease to everyday routine, make work a joy and set inspiration free. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in everyone’s home. Even if you are not keen on cooking, its role is special, and its arrangement is very important.

This kitchen island reflects a contemporary futuristic view and its dimensions are based on the most perfect form known by human: 90-60-90, it isn't just the perfect woman's shape known to the fashion world, but it has inspired us to take these measurements and apply them in creating an eye-catching design for kitchen appliances.

Ergonomics in the kitchen is very important; therefore we offer adjustable height for this kitchen island. Depending on your requirements, the height of the island can be lowered to the standard 90 cm or raised up to one meter. This will allow people of different height to work comfortably while standing or sitting. We have also introduced several pleasant functional additions that will make the cooking process and cleaning the countertop significantly easier. The perimeter around the countertop is raised, which will prevent water or other liquids from pouring from the surface onto the floor. However, for easier cleaning of the countertop, the electric induction cooktop and the mixer faucet are raised to 9 mm above the surface level. This prevents any dirt or moisture from getting into seams that would be difficult to clean. The massive, solid sink is integrated at the same level as the countertop, and thanks to the properties of the solid surface material that allow using seamless technology, the connection of the sink with the surface is practically invisible. The round shape of the sink and invisible connections make cleaning it especially easy.

Drawers are an important part of kitchen furniture. In this regard we offer an ergonomic solution – drawers inserted into the corpus of the island are equipped with the P2O (push to open) system. No handles, just one touch or an easy push anywhere on the surface of the drawer, and it opens. During cooking, when hands are dirty or full of groceries, such a solution for opening drawers is especially handy.

The kitchen island has rounded shapes, which is important for comfortable and safe access from every side because it is located in the middle of the room. There are no sharp corners or protrusions that can create an injury risk. The solid surface material itself is pleasant to touch, resistant to everyday wear and continues to serve flawlessly for decades, preserving its excellent look.

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