Casa Decor

Being Casa Decor a landmark in the Spanish interior design panorama, the wellknown Spanish company from the timber sector (FINSA) decided to introduce to the field of the interior design their new Trend Book 2018-19 with a groundbreaking project: Global Refuge.

Global refuge served as a canvas for the introdution of the States of Mind and Matter that would inspire Finsa in their renewed commitment to more than solutions in Wood, but complete solutions in various materials that perfectly complement each other.

Over 40,000 professionals and householders visited in the 2017 edition the Space by Finsa. Here they could appreciate the perfect match of Finsa’s bare chipboard furniture with the Translucent Solid Surface by Megante (White Crystal Boulder color).

Thus, in the division of the space into the basic rooms of a home, Meganite Solid Surface contrasts the sobriety of the wood with the pieces of furniture made out translucent acrylic surface (bath, sink and living room table).

These pieces, specially the sink next to a window, throw light on a sober and conceptual space that attacted many visitors because of its uniqueness and singular outlook.

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