Optical Store


An Asian optical franchise requested Meganite’s services for a new store design.


  1. The optical franchise had a glass-material for their reception countertops and found that it was too hard to maintain.

  2. The reception counter is a high traffic area for patients and customers. The glass-material counter tops were constantly dirty with fingerprints and smudges.

  3. The reception counter was constantly busy with patients and customers and the optical franchise did not have the time, or the opportunity to maintain and clean the glass countertops throughout the day, giving a bad impression to their customers as their reception area regularly looked dirty. As a healthcare business, perception of cleanliness was critical to earn and keep trust in the company.


  1. Meganite suggested revamping the glass-material countertops to something easier to maintain, a solid surface.

  2. Meganite’s solid surface fit their needs as it is easier to clean, maintain and is extremely durable for their high-traffic reception area.

  3. Meganite’s solid surface countertop does not need to be constantly maintained throughout the day, giving the optical franchise a better reputation of having a clean, hygienic space.


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