A Boutique Asian Coffee Chain

Hip and Hygienic Pair Beautifully at this Asian coffee brand’s flagship outlet

Design sets the tone for customer experience. From personality to quality, design is a critical factor in growing strong restaurant brands. A strong “front of house” experience draws customers in, but it’s up to the “back of house” to keep them coming back. Hygiene, and the prevention of germs and bacteria build up is critical to food safety as well as flavor and freshness.

Commercial and food grade building materials aren’t typically designed with aesthetics as a priority. Meganite solid surface provides the capacity, aesthetic and functional solution necessary for a commercial space. The material provides a safer option that adds value and lightens up the space visually.

How does Meganite solve the obstacle of finding durable, functional surfaces while incorporating high end design?

Meganite materials were selected for the counters and food are as where there is a high contact with water, food or drink spills.

  1. Non-porous and hygienic - Meganite’s solid surface is a solid material that is suitable for many functional and decorative applications. This eases the daily cleaning in the most demanding of environments.

  2. Durable - Meganite’s solid surfaces are highly resistant to impact, wear and staining and provide durable and easily maintained solutions in high traffic areas.

  3. Food Safe - Meganite is preferred for hygienic-necessary surfaces because it is certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANDI) as well as the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF 51) to provide hygienic design and engineering into its surfaces.


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