Luxury Thermoformed Sinks From The Movement Series


Designers and home users are no longer limited to solid whites. Now you can create a hygienic space with today‘s top trending colors and designs.

Natural stone patterns with elegant yet functional shapes habour the fundamental advantages of solid surface to create an extremely hygienic space.

  • Seamless integration - creating a more hygienic surface
  • Nonporous - resists the growth of mold and mildew
  • Durability - tough, impact resistance material
  • Stain resistance - nonporous surface preventing stains from penetrating

Color used:

Products made by:

Solid Design (Spain)

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Solid Design (Spain)

Luxury Thermoformed Sinks 1Luxury Thermoformed Sinks 2Luxury Thermoformed SinksLuxury Thermoformed Sinks 3

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