Vital Health and Sport, North Vancouver

The busy Vitae Health and Sport clinic in North Vancouver needed new surfaces that were tough enough to stand up to high traffic and daily use by staff and customers while maintaining a luxurious design aesthetic. Meganite was the obvious material for the job.

The Meganite Solution

Fisher Custom used Meganite’s 704SA Urban Habitat design on a number of surfaces throughout the clinic. The most prominent of these projects was the work surface of the main reception desk which has to withstand a lot of use from different staff members while remaining hygienic and presentable to the public. Cabinets in the reception area also utilized Meganite, demonstrating the material’s ability to be easily fabricated and integrated with other materials.

In the kitchen area, Meganite was used to form the all important countertops which see heavy use by a variety of people throughout the day. Again, these surfaces are easy to clean and maintain thanks to Meganite’s non-porous properties which limit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This, in turn, means that the staff can to spend less time cleaning, and more time helping customers.

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